High Stick Vodka



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the alcohol content and how much does the bottle hold?
    The bottle holds 750ml of Vodka and it is 40%alc./vol.

  • Is it available near me?
    Currently we are only available in select stores in Western CANADA. We Unfortunately are not allowed to ship product through the mail, however we are searching for distributors that would be legally allowed to purchase our product and import it and make it available. We are hard at work at getting into the U.S., Ontario and Quebec. Any developments will be updated in the news section, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Can you mail it to me?
    Short answer: no. Long answer is that governments heavily regulate the alcohol business and you need special licenses/permission to legally send it across a border. We can only work with importers or distributors with regards to sending our product.
    However, there is a retail store that can ship to select U.S. states.

    France 44 may be able to ship to you. CLICK HERE

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