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High Stick Vodka Takes Double Gold & Best in Show

EDMONTON, Alta. — High Stick Vodka, one of Canada’s newest players in the world of premium vodkas,
has captured a Double Gold and was named the best vodka in the show in the 2016 Wine & Spirits
Wholesalers of America Spirits Tasting Competition.
Awarded in April at the WSWA’s annual convention in Las
Vegas, where 353 spirits were tasted across the entire
competition, High Stick Vodka was voted best of the 54 vodkas
rated by the judging panel, with a special notation for the buzz
created by the unique packaging of High Stick Vodka, a glass
bottle in the shape of a hockey stick.
“On the international stage, Canadians have gotten used to a
double gold in hockey with the men’s and women’s teams
consistently reaching the top of the podium in the Winter
Olympics,” says Illarion Shulakewych, President of High Stick
Vodka. “We are proud to have achieved the same distinction
with High Stick Vodka, a premium vodka proudly made with
premium Canadian ingredients.”
High Stick Vodka is distilled and bottled in the heart of British
Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Using the finest local grains and
the purest mountain water to make one of the best vodka’s on the market, the distillation process uses an
18 bubble plate copper still to ensure all impurities are filtered out and create the highest quality spirit.
Artesian water is mixed with utmost precision to ensure a crisp and clean Vodka.
Only finest and most Canadian bottle can contain this premium vodka. In a tribute to Canada’s game, High
Stick Vodka comes in a hand-blown glass hockey stick that stands out above the rest.
“A Canadian bar shelf is incomplete without High Stick Vodka as the centrepiece it deserve to be,” says
It is the second year in a row that High Stick Vodka has achieved a Double Gold at the WSWA Spirits
Tasting Competition.
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