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Press Release – High Stick Vodka storms western Canada

High Stick Vodka now available in Western Canada

EDMONTON, Alberta – December 3rd, 2014 – High Stick Vodka today is pleased to finally confirm the availability of its artisan crafted 750ml unique bottle in stores throughout British Columbia. First released in Alberta in December of 2012 and then made its first appearance in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the fall of 2014, the listing in BC completes its availability in Western Canada.

Canada has yet to find its national identity when it comes to premium vodka and High Stick Vodka is certainly winning hearts and minds in the west, making a very strong case. The vodka is made in small batches in a copper still, with the finest locally grown grains distilled to the most pure spirit and mixed with kokanee spring water to really distinguish itself from the other mass market vodkas. Not to be outdone by the quality of the vodka, the bottle itself is elegant, striking, and an iconic 80 cm forged glass hockey stick. A must have for a true Canadian bar. The bottle and its contents was created to be a testament to Canadian quality and Canadian spirit.

“We are excited to finally be available in the province where we distill and bottle one the best vodka’s on the market” said Illarion Shulakewych, High Stick Vodka’s CEO. “The second people see and hold this bottle the first question is always ‘Where can I get one? I have to have this.’ and we are simply delighted to now be able to help our customers in British Columbia and point them to the nearest location.”

It hasn’t been an easy road for this young Edmonton, AB, based company. The first bottles were available in Alberta in late December of 2012 and being a new unknown company not all retail outlets took this product seriously. Competing with the big established companies offers its own set of challenges, never mind bringing to market a unique product never seen before. Even the shape of the bottle offers its own challenges necessitating it to be hand blown and manually bottled and special accommodations in stores. Despite all the difficulties, High Stick Vodka has managed to overcome them and bring to the public a creative and memorable product to liquor store shelves from Winnipeg to Victoria.

Just in time for Christmas, the limited run of artisan crafted bottles will be available to select locations in western Canada this holiday season. High Stick Vodka wants to express their thanks the AGLC, SLGA, LGA of Manitoba and the LCLB for bringing this highly demanded product to their customers and very much look forward to bringing the vodka and special bottle to the rest of Canada.

High Stick Vodka encourages everyone to enjoy all spirits responsibly and have a safe holiday season.

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