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You Don’t Need a Jersey to Show Your Allegiance

Cheer on your team with drinks inspired by the Conference Finalists

TORONTO — It’s down to crunch time, and you know the players are going to be giving 110% in a team effort to make it to the Stanley Cup Final.

The cliché’s abound in hockey, and never more so than during the playoffs when teams fear even the slightest deviation from the script may tip off their opponent about their strategy in the upcoming game. It’s a time-honoured tradition in Canada to settle in and watch the game, awaiting the moment when the Cup is presented. But just because the players, coaches andmanagement-types are spouting the same platitudes, it doesn’t mean you have to fall in line as a fan.

“The most demanding and grueling tournament in pro sports is down to its Conference Finals, with only four teams remaining in the competition for Lord Stanley’s mug,” says Illarion Shulakewych from High Stick Vodka, Canada’s premium vodka in a bottle shaped like — what else? — a hockey stick. “Pittsburgh. Tampa Bay. St. Louis. San Jose. Sure, you could don a jersey to cheer your team to victory, but you can also do that with the drink in your glass.”

In other words, despite what hammers away at you during the commercial breaks in the game, you don’t need a beer to watch the hockey playoffs. When cheering on your team — if not your favourite, at least the team you picked in the office pool — break from the cliché and try one of these drinks inspired by the Conference Finalists, brought to you by High Stick Vodka.

  • The Blue “Lightning” Kamikaze. Rim your shot glass with frosting and Poprocks. Add ice to a shaker, and pour in one part High Stick Vodka, one part Blue Curacao and one part lime juice. Shake and strain into shot glass.
  • The Wobbly Penguin. In an ice-filled highball glass, pour an ounce of vodka, half-ounce of blue curaçao and two ounces of lemon lime mix. Fill almost with Sprite or 7-Up, then float a half-ounce of banana liqueur on top.
  • The Singin’ Blues. Pour one part vodka and one part Hypnotiq over ice in a shaker, shake and strain into chilled martini glasses. Add one maraschino cherry and serve.
  • The Shark Bite. In a mason jar filled with ice, add vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice, blue curaçao and a squeeze of lime.

“At High Stick Vodka, we firmly believe Canadians are more sophisticated than just beer and hockey,” says Illarion. “We worked long and hard to create a premium Canadian spirit that is a taste of home and truly reflective of our national winter sport.”

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About High Stick Vodka:

High Stick Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka of the highest quality presented in a trulyunique and Canadian hand-crafted artisan glass bottle, shaped like… what else? A hockey stick, of course. Created with Orchard City Distilling using the purest spring water from B.C.’s Okanagan Valley and the highest quality Canadian grains, High Stick Vodka is distilled to utter perfection. It is truly Canada’s finest spirit and a world-class ultra premium vodka. High Stick Vodka received a double gold at the 2015 Spirits Tasting Competition.

Blue Lightning
blue lightning
Wobbly Penguin
Singin’ Blues
Shark Bite

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